Our Dream

Every day, under all conditions, all together a nonviolent world!

What We Do?

To achieve our dream of a nonviolent world we organize training, produce knowledge and share our resources. In doing so, our methods are non-hierarchical, participative and based on solidarity and consensus. In this context, we aim to develop nonviolent and creative struggle and policy instruments, to share these instruments and to empower everyone struggling for a nonviolent world. Because we believe, that a world without discrimination and oppression, where social justice exists and conflicts are solved in nonviolent ways, is possible.

Our Areas of Activity

Does translations of textual and visual material in the subject of non-violence and non–violent action discourse, as well as, generates new articles, e-bulletins, and general educational material and distributes and shares these.
Organizes workshops and seminars with experts and academicians in the field.
Conducts research projects on the history of non–violent resistance.
Cooperates with non-governmental organizations with similar goals.
Based on demand, organizes workshops where concepts are discussed and skills are developed on strategies towards non-violent applications.


Nonviolent Center

Believes that our goals are formed by our means; that is why nonviolent action and its theory is the most constructive way to transform conflicts. 

About Nonviolent Education and Research Association

The Center is an association as a legal entity. It has founded in April 2015.

Our next general assembly is in April 2018.

Our executive members

Executive director: Hilal Demir
Vice Chair: Birsen Atakan
Secretary: Gökhan Soysal
Treasurer: Hatice Telci
Executive member: Hülya Üçpınar

Active executive functioning members

Hilal Demir
Hülya Üçpınar
Birsen Atakan

Annual Reports

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